fond du lac fair trade signs

About Fair Trade

Fair Trade is an economic system that provides opportunities for farmers, workers and artisans to lift themselves out of poverty.  It gives assurances to consumers that producers are paid fair prices for their products and labor, care for the environment, and are able to provide for their communities.

The Basic principles of Fair Trade  are:

*Long-term trading relationships

*Prompt payment of fair prices and wages to producers

*No child, forced or otherwise  exploited labor

*Workplace non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association

*Safe working conditions and reasonable work hours

*Investment in community development projects

*Environmental sustainability

*Traceability and transparency

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We can all play a role in ending human trafficking. May we never grow complacent but realize we can make a difference with this large-scale global problem through our purchasing choices, prayers, volunteering, or donating to a human trafficking organization. Learn more here: #WisdomWednesday #EndHumanTrafficking ... See MoreSee Less
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Let these squirrel friends scamper on into your home! These handmade felt squirrels from India each hold an acorn, ready to stash it away. Hand stitched details and black bead eyes. 5”H x 3”W x 5”L $14 eachOPEN HOURS: Thurs/Fri: 10-4, Sat: 10-2#fairtradefdl #fairtradewi #shoplocalfdl #shoplocalwi #LiveLifeFair #fairtradeproducts #fallvibes #fallisintheair #serrvinternational ... See MoreSee Less
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Today is National Care for Kids Day! 👧👦 Whether you volunteer at an after-school program, donate to a local children's charity, or just spend time with your favorite kids, take this special opportunity to care for the kids in your community.When you shop fair trade, you support children's around the world. One of the WFTO's 10 principles of fair trade is to ensure there is no child labor, giving kids a chance to be kids. Learn more about how kids are supported through fair trade: ... See MoreSee Less
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By purchasing products from brands that choose to prioritize the people that grow and make them, you are actively fighting injustice. Supporting Fairtrade certified brands is one way you can protest unfair trading practices every day.Share if you agree 💙#choosefairtrade #sustainanbleproducts #ethicalfood ... See MoreSee Less
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Today is International Literacy Day! 📚 Due to the aftermath of the pandemic and changes across the globe, UNESCO predicts 24 million people might go back to school.This year's theme, Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces, focuses on how we can not only adapt to the changing learning climate around us, but also work to build quality, equitable, and inclusive education and learning spaces for all.You're already making a difference by shopping fair trade! When you support global artisans and farmers, you help them gain access to education for them and their children. Learn more: ... See MoreSee Less
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About Fair Trade Town

Communities play a crucial role in growing the Fair Trade Movement in the United States. Fair Trade Town campaigns bring together community members, retailers, community organizations and town government to build awareness of Fair Trade and achieve special recognition for their efforts.  The “Fair Trade Town” designation provides a permanent platform for continued outreach and learning to build the Fair Trade Movement and deepen each community’s commitment to international justice.

As part of a global movement, there are now more than 1,000 Fair Trade Towns worldwide and the movement has spread rapidly across the U.S.  Working with both the “grassroots” and “grasstops,” Fair Trade Towns USA provides tools and resources to help towns and cities achieve Fair Trade Status and work towards the common goal of making Fair Trade products the norm in the U.S., one community at a time.

Fond du Lac was designated a Fair Trade Town in 2013, the 32nd Fair Trade Town in the U.S! You can visit our Fair Trade Town Campaign page HERE!

For more information about the Fair Trade Towns campaign click HERE!